Simple Kosha Designs For Your Wedding

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Simple Kosha Designs For Your Wedding

Arab brides pay a lot of attention to their bridal kosha which will be designed for their wedding day, and even wedding planners are competing to design the most beautiful kosha setup and decor, every season we spot many amazing kosha designs for weddings that took place in the Middle East.

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Stunning Kosha Designs You Will Love

And as always we like to share with you that the most important tip to have the perfect kosha at your wedding is to make sure its colors and design go well with the overall wedding theme, as well as your personal style. 

Choose the right color of your seating area, and the flowers surrounding it, don't forget about the background of your kosha as well, for example, if you are having a simple wedding, make sure your kosha is simple as well and not elaborate or too glamorous.

Before choosing your wedding kosha design, their are some things you should take into consideration:

  • First of all, make sure you choose your wedding theme and colors before choosing your kosha design, then take it all from there.
  • Choose the colors you will be choosing for your wedding, and include them or 1 or 2 of them in your kosha design.
  • After than you can start designing your kosha design around your wedding.

In most Arab weddings, most of the wedding pictures are taken at the kosha next to the bride and groom, this is why many brides want a beautiful kosha design, and these days brides are preferring a more simple kosha design ti make it a bit more timeless, a simple kosha design can still have a lot of decor items, such as a beautiful background and flower arrangements. 

If you are looking for simple kosha designs whether for your wedding or a kosha for your celebration at home, we have chosen some stunning simple kosha ideas for you to check out!.