Magical Kosha Designs By UAE Wedding Planners

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Magical Kosha Designs By UAE Wedding Planners

In the Middle East and especially in the Gulf region, the Kosha, where the bride and groom are seated during their wedding, is a very important part of the wedding celebration. If you are a bride who wants a unique Kosha and stage, then you must look for inspiration and ideas here, on Arabia Weddings. 

The Kosha is one of the wedding details that occupy a bride's mind when planning the wedding because it is what the wedding guests first see when they enter the wedding venue and of course it is the center of attention as the bride and groom are seated there, and it is where many wedding pictures will be taken there as well.

And since choosing the right kosha decor and design has become a very popular trend among brides, Arab wedding planners across the Middle East are very professional and creative in decorating and presenting the traditional Kosha.

The Kosha consists of the seating, which is often a love seat, couch or two armchairs, and the seats are decorated with flowers and other decorative materials depending on the wedding theme.

Of course, when it comes to wedding kosha there are always some main decor items that are used in most kosha designs, such as flowers, blooms, greenery, and candles or lights.

For brides who are looking for some kosha inspiration and decor ideas, we advise you to check out the Instagram accounts of the top UAE wedding planners who share the most beautiful designs on their pages.

We chose some stunning Kosha designs created by Wedding Planners in the UAE:

Vintage Bloom

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Aghareed Weddings


The Wedding Haven


KM Events


Bianca Events


Hart Bernstien Events


Jam Events




Artaaj Weddings


When it comes to wedding kosha the themes and decor ideas are endless, this is why we bring you some more ideas for you to check out and get some inspiration.