Stunning Wedding Koshas by Arab Wedding Planners

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Stunning Wedding Koshas by Arab Wedding Planners

Weddings in the Arab World have different traditions and settings, and as Arab brides are known for their unique style and luxurious choices, brides carefully choose their kosha design to accentuate their wedding theme. 

No Arab Muslim wedding is complete without a beautiful kosha. The bride usually sits at the Kosha most of the night celebrating with her friends and family. Being in the center of the ballroom, the kosha has to be unique and beautiful.

Brides start looking for kosha ideas and designs as soon as they start planning the wedding. 

Before choosing your wedding kosha we some tips for you to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your wedding kosha goes well with your wedding theme, your wedding colors, and the overall decor.
  • Don't let the kosha design make you forget about the seating and how comfortable it should be for you to sit there most of the night.
  • Don't forget to check the floor area where the kosha will be placed and make sure it will be easy to walk to and from your kosha.
  • No matter how glamorous and luxurious you want your kosha design to be, don't use heavy decor items or hang them to avoid any accidents.
  • The kosha is usually placed in the center of the hall or venue, so all the guests can keep their eyes on the bride and groom.
  • Keep in mind that kosha designs add an extra cost to the overall wedding price, so make sure you discuss the extra cost with your wedding planner.

To give you inspirations, we chose some stunning wedding koshas designed by Arab wedding planners.

By Salah Al Thaher


By Abdullaziz Almulihan


By Abdulrahman Al Zeer


By Ohood Abdullah