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Home Kosha Design

Every season wedding decor trends change to suit the season, this is when we start seeing new and different wedding decor, wedding colors, and wedding theme trends, even when it comes to the bridal kosha, there are different trends we see every season.

And as we all know, the kosha is the seating area where the bride and groom sit, and it is usually placed in the center of the wedding venue or wedding hall. But these days, the kosha is not only used at weddings, but many brides in the Arab world, choose to have a kosha at their henna night, their engagement night, or even their official marriage ceremony.

And perhaps the most common trend we spotted in kosha designs this year, is the simplicity of the designs and decor, as we spotted many brides who had their weddings and engagements at home, surrounded by their closest friends and family members, instead of huge celebrations with a large number of guests. So, it is only normal for the kosha decor and design to be simple and elegant rather than over the top and fancy.

If you are looking for some kosha design ideas for your kosha at home, then you must keep some things in mind, for example, choose a kosha design that goes with the overall theme and style of the house, and a decor that shows off your style and personality. 

For more kosha design ideas we advise you to take a look at the following:

Beautiful and Simple Kosha Design

Ideas For Beautiful Kosha Designs at Home

Simple Kosha Designs For Your Wedding

Beautiful Engagement Koshas For Your Home

Many brides think that having a kosha at home is something difficult, but you can have a beautiful and elegant kosha at your home to complete your celebration, as you can use different items to make your kosha at home more unique, such as candles, drapes and curtains, lanterns, as well as mirrors which will make the space seem larger.

Here are some beautiful ideas for your kosha at home to help you out.

Wedding in Lebanon

Romantic Lights

Decorate the backdrop of your kosha with tall candleholders and romantic lights. We love this simple and romantic kosha design for a wedding that took place in Lebanon!

Colorful Wedding in DohaColorful Wedding in Doha

Hanging Florals

Hanging florals add a unique and beautiful touch to any wedding, take a look at this lovely kosha design for a wedding in Qatar with beautiful bougainvillea hanging on top of the kosha.

For more bougainvillea wedding ideas click here!

Butterfly Wedding in Dubai

Oversized Flowers

For a unique and budget-friendly kosha design, we love the idea of these large oversized flowers, check out this beautiful wedding that took place in Dubai with lovely butterflies and oversized flowers.

Bridal Kosha at HomeBridal Kosha at Home 1Bridal Kosha at Home 2Bridal Kosha at Home 3Bridal Kosha at Home 4Bridal Kosha at Home 5Bridal Kosha at Home 6Bridal Kosha at Home 7Bridal Kosha at Home 8Bridal Kosha at Home 9Bridal Kosha at Home 10Bridal Kosha at Home 11Bridal Kosha at Home 12Bridal Kosha at Home 13Bridal Kosha at Home 14Bridal Kosha at Home 15

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