Beautiful Kosha Ideas by Arab Wedding Planners

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Beautiful Kosha Ideas by Arab Wedding Planners

If you’re a classic bride who loves to have a ‘Kosha’ (or kosheh) at her wedding but wants a new and elegant twist to it, you are in luck. Arab wedding planners across the Middle East are getting very creative in decorating and presenting the traditional kosha, where the bride and groom are seated during their wedding.

In every season new trends come along for weddings and kosha designs, and every season the trends change from simple kosha designs to glamorous and elaborate decor, but what all these koshas have in common is that the seating area should fit the bride and groom comfortable. 

Since wedding koshas are always placed in the center of the wedding venue, you as a bride should pay extra attention to this area, for example you can add a beautiful floral background, or opt for flower arrangements on both sides of the seating area, for a royal and princess-inspired kosha, make sure you add some sparkle or metallics, and you can always complete the kosha decor with some drapes or curtains.

Keep in mind that when it comes to the flowers included in your kosha design, an extra cost might be added, so make sure all this is within your budget, floral backgrounds are usually more expensive so maybe choosing flower arrangements on both sides of the kosha might be a bit cheaper. Another trick to make your kosha design a bit more pocket-friendly is to use artificial flowers instead of real flowers or a combination of both.

Flowers and blooms are not the only decor items you can include in your kosha, for example, crystals can add a very glamorous and beautiful touch to your kosha. For example colored crystals can decorate your kosha, or a big crystal chandelier can hang on top of your kosha as well.

Whether you want a fancy and glamorous kosha or a simple minimalistic one, we have compiled some beautiful kosha ideas to suit every Arab bride’s taste.

Check out these beautiful koshas designed by Arab wedding planners and florists across the region:

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GC Events, Beirut


Cirimonia, Riyadh


Cherry on Top, Dubai


Carousel, Dubai


Ahmad Al Jamhour, Kuwait