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Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding in Dubai

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Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding in Dubai

Dubai is an excellent destination for your wedding because it has a wide range of unique things to offer you and your wedding guests who are joining you from around the world. The city has impressive structures and incredible coastlines which provide magnificent backdrops for wedding pictures.

Destination weddings in Dubai range from small intimate wedding ceremonies of around 10 people to large multi-day wedding ceremonies for hundreds or even thousands of guests, such as Indian weddings. The weather in Dubai is beautiful for outdoor weddings from mid-September till mid-May or even further. 

Dubai is also home to some of the best wedding planners, there are many amazing destination wedding planners in Dubai that can help you have your dream wedding.

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There are so many reasons that make Dubai a great wedding destination, here are our top 5 reasons to have your destination wedding in Dubai:

Indian wedding at the Atlantis

1) Dubai's Multicultural Heritage

Dubai is a renowned business city with about 83% of foreigners, it is truly a fusion of diverse cultures, nationalities, ethnicities and religions. It is a very tolerent and progressive city that welcomes, with open arms, couples from around the world wanting to hold their weddings in Dubai. 

The cultural diversity of Dubai enables you to find with ease venues, caterers and suppliers who can offer you the required cuisine, entertainment and other traditional elements needed for any cultural wedding. 

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Exquisite wedding in Dubaii

2) Exquisite and Diverse Venues

The city boasts hundreds of beautiful hotels, resorts and wedding venues. You can choose from a wide variety of options; city hotels overlooking the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, beach wedding venues on The Palm Dubai, wedding venues in the desert, or many other special wedding venues across the city. 

Take a look at these recommendations we have for you: 

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Wedding Backdrop with The Atlantis

3) Beautiful Backdrops

Dubai is known for its landmarks, beautiful cityscape, bold and modern architecture and extravagant hotels and resorts. Wherever you choose to get married in Dubai, you will find an amazing backdrop for your memorable wedding pictures.

From sandy deserts to the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, passing by lush gardens and manicured landscapes, polo clubs or yachts, you'll find  all sorts of natural and man-made settings to make ever lasting memories and capture the most amazing wedding pictures with your guests. 

The beautiful landscapes are also great for your pre-wedding photo shoot. To help you select the perfect location, take a look at: Beautiful Places for Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Dubai.

Desert Safari and Camel Riding in Dubai

4) Entertained Guests

Your guests gathering in Dubai from around the world to celebrate your wedding will certainly enjoy themselves in this dynamic city that has so many things to offer.

If the crowd is generally younger and more adventurous, then they will enjoy skydiving, zip lining, desert safari, water activities... and lots more. If your guests are looking to relax by the sea in between your wedding celebrations, then there options are unlimited. Or if they wish to indulge fine dining or shopping Dubai does not fail a bit. 

Dubai Romantic Honeymoon with Burj Al Arab in the background

5) Memorable Honeymoon

What better way is there than starting your honeymoon immediately after your wedding in a city that offers magic, romance, and relaxation. Kick back and relax in a top 5-star resort for a couple of days and indulge in some first-class spa treatments, before hitting the road for some adrenaline-pumping adventures.

Make sure to dine at exquisite restaurants across the city and put on your dancing shoes for some clubbing afterward. You will enjoy the nightlife, which is always radiant.

And oh yes, spare some cash for some souvenirs you will find at many traditional souqs/markets, or treat yourself to a great personalized shopping experience at Dubai Mall. 

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