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Wedding Ballroom Prices in Riyadh

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Wedding Ballroom Prices in Riyadh

Once your wedding date is set, a bride starts looking for the most beautiful wedding halls and ballrooms, but she also looks for venues that suit her budget, so the first thing a bride does while looking for venues is to ask around about the prices of the hotel ballrooms.

To help you choose the perfect wedding ballroom according to your budget, for brides in Saudi Arabia and especially in Riyadh, as there are different price ranges that suit every budget.

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The price of your wedding venue differs according to the services offered and the main one is the catering and menu you choose for your wedding, and of course the number of wedding guests you will be inviting to your wedding.

Here are the price ranges of wedding ballrooms in Riyadh to help you out!

5 Star Hotel Ballrooms

5 Star Hotel Ballrooms

There are plenty of 5-star hotels in Riyadh that offer fancy and big ballrooms for weddings.

So, most hotels offer different packages each package with a different price range, each package has different services and details. For example, the wedding packages at the Intercontinental Hotel Riyadh range between 425SAR per person + %15 taxes and 575SAR per person +%15 taxes.

The Sheraton Hotel Riyadh offers different packages, their silver packages are 325SAR per person + %15 taxes up to 375SAR + %15 taxes, their diamond packages are 425SAR per person + %15 taxes.

The wedding packages in other 5-star hotels range between 650SAR + %15 taxes and 1500SAR per person + %15 taxes.

These packages usually include different services such as dinner and fresh drinks for the wedding guests, as well as a suite for the bride and groom with dinner and breakfast, and a bridal suite for the bride to get ready, and many other services.

4 Star Hotel Ballrooms

4 Star Hotel Ballrooms

The price of 4-star hotel ballrooms are less expensive than 5-star hotel ballrooms for sure, for example, the wedding packages at  Olaya Holiday Inn Hotel differ according to the services, the packages start from 250SAR per person + %15 taxes for their silver packages, and their diamond packages are 290SAR per person + %15 taxes.

Other 4-star hotels have wedding packages ranging between 425SAR and 575SAR and they differ according to the services chosen by the bride and groom.

The prices also differ according to the day, as weddings on weekdays are less expensive than on weekends, as in some hotels their wedding packages can range between 300SAR and 335SAR, and reach up to 450SAR on weekends.

3 Star Hotel Ballrooms

3 Star Hotel Ballrooms

Many 3-star hotels offer amazing services and have beautiful classic decor and design, and they are perfect for couples who are planning their wedding on a budget.

Prices at 3-star hotels range between 300SAR to 350SAR per person, for weddings taking place during the week the price range is 200SAR and 280SAR per person + %15 taxes.

For example, the Hilton Garden Inn Riyadh Olaya offers packages that are around 195SAR per person including the buffet + %15 taxes.

Inexpensive Hotels

Inexpensive Hotels

For brides with lower budgets, Riyadh has many inexpensive hotels that offer nice wedding ballrooms as well as full services.

Some ballrooms are very inexpensive and can start as low as 160 SAR per person + %15 taxes.

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