The Top Wedding Venue East Riyadh

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The Top Wedding Venue East Riyadh

Due to the large space of Riyadh, brides may wish to stay away from crowded places and choose wedding halls near their homes, or venues that are easier to reach by their guests. If you are looking for wedding halls in different areas around Riyadh, we will help you!

We previously shared with you many wedding venues in Olaya, north of Riyadh:

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Most Popular Wedding Halls North Riyadh

With the variety and number of wedding halls and hotels in Riyadh, brides no longer have to choose wedding venues in the center of Riyadh. But brides can now find many options that compete with the most famous wedding halls all over Riyadh.

If you are looking for wedding venues east Riyadh, we have the most popular ones for you here!


Renad Hall

Renad Hall

Renad Hall for celebrations is located at exit 9 - Dammam Road, and it is characterized by its spacious area and elegant decor.

It is located in an area that is easy to reach, making it the perfect place for brides who are looking for a venue nearby.

Ameera Hall

Ameera Hall

Amira Hall is located in Dammam Road, Al Yarmouk District in Riyadh. The hall offers music or DJ services, a room for the bride, a VIP room in addition to hospitality services.

The hall has two separate halls for men and women, and the total capacity of the hall can accommodate between 300-500 people.

Almasa Palace

Qasr Almasa for Ceremonies

This venue has two separate halls for men and women, and each hall can accommodate up between 300-500 guests.

The hall offers Dj, sound system services, as well as a bridal suite and VIP room.


Samar Hall

Samar Hall for Ceremonies

This hall is located in Al Qadisiya area along Sheikh Jaber road and has wedding halls for men and women.

Their wedding hall offers a wide space for weddings, as well as sound and light services, and a bridal suite and a VIP room.

Durrat Al  Mamlakah

Durrat Al Mamlakah Hall

The wedding hall is located in Al Yarmouk area along Sheikh Jaber road and offers large outdoor wedding venues and a private entrance for women as well as a separate wedding hall for men.

Thoq Al Fursan Wedding Venue

Thoq Al Fursan Wedding Venue

The wedding hall is elegant and has a unique decor, it is for both men and women and is considered one of the largest halls in the area, it can accommodate between 300-500 guests. 

Dawliya Hall

Al Dawliya Hall

This wedding hall has been recently renovated and its decor is beautiful and elegant, there are two halls for men and women which can accommodate between 300-500 people. Located in Al Nahda area, Sheikh Jaber Al Sabah Road.

Al Sultan Hall

Al Sultan Hall

This wedding hall is considered to be one of the largest wedding halls east Riyadh as it can accommodate more than 500 people.

The hall offers sound and light systems as well as a VIP room and a bridal suite.

Mersana Hallas

Mersana Halls

Mersana Hall is known to be one of the most beautiful wedding halls in east Riyadh, and offer the latest sound and light technology, the venue offers halls for men and women, the men's hall can accommodate between 200-300 guests while the women's hall can accommodate up to 500 guests.

Al Faredah

Al Faredah

This unique wedding venue has more than one wedding hall, Al Joud wedding hall can accommodate up to 700 guests, as for Al Faris hall it can accommodate up to 200 guests.

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