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Let the Fun Begin with a Carnival Wedding Theme

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Let the Fun Begin with a Carnival Wedding Theme

If you are the fun, carefree couple not bound by traditions, you will love this idea for a wedding theme. It’s very different, fun, colorful and perfect for the summer season.

A carnival wedding theme is most definitely an outdoor celebration. Although you can recreate the atmosphere in a ballroom, it is not going to have the same vibrant outdoor feel to it.

So, what do you need? That’s easy… the main components of a carnival or an amusement park; except, of course, for the rides and games. 

Lots and lots of balloons, in all colors. You can also have your names written on them.

A popcorn machine with personalized popcorn boxes!

Beautiful stalls carrying different products such as candy floss, a candy buffet, ice cream, candy apples, corn on the cob.


As for the main dish, you can add a hamburger station, a hot dog station, shawerma, a falafel station, perhaps a taco and tortilla wrap station, a salad bar and more.

Decorate with pin wheels, paper lanterns, and candy.




Add a photo booth

It all sounds so fun, and young spirited, doesn’t it? But what if both your parents don’t think it’s that suitable for a wedding? Here is how you can adapt the idea in a more refined more mature manner…

Tone down the colors. Don’t go for the bold red, blue, green, yellow combo but go for more classy color combinations.

Limit the balloons and add more flower decorations, although the former option is less expensive.

Replace the hamburger/hot dog stalls with more adult type buffet items (like steaks, lamb, carving station). Expand the menu but split it into different stalls, not a long buffet line.

Keep the pop corn, candy floss... but serve them more elegantly. Instead of red candy apple, chocolate dipped apple could be an alternative option.

You still can’t muster the courage to go for a carnival theme for your wedding?

Don’t worry, apply the theme to your bridal shower or any pre-wedding party where most of the guests are your age group. Have fun!