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DJ vs Band: What Should You Choose for The Wedding?

Getting married soon?Looking for a DJ or Entertainers?Let's help you find them.
DJ vs Band: What Should You Choose for The Wedding?

We all know how important music is in any wedding, some brides get confused on whether to have a DJ or Band or even both!

So just to help you decide, here are some things you should keep in mind:

Cost: The DJ is normally less expensive than having a band.

Customized Playlist: It is easier to arrange a playlist of your favorite songs with a DJ rather than a band.

Atmosphere: A band will make a great atmosphere at the wedding; live music always has a different ambience and feel than the DJ.

Keep these 4 tips in mind:

  • TIP: Hear and watch the band play live, a CD or a video is not enough.
  • TIP: Get references and ask for other couples’ opinions on their favorite DJs and bands.
  • TIP: Tell them which songs you DON’T want them to play.
  • TIP: Place the band directly in front of the guests or somewhere where everyone can see them.