Where to Buy Celebration Fireworks in Dubai

Where To Buy Celebration Fireworks in Dubai

For couples getting married in the UAE, especially in Dubai, you are lucky to be getting married in a city that is home to some of the most beautiful wedding venues, most talented wedding planners, and the most professional wedding suppliers.

If you still didn't book your wedding venue in Dubai, here are some of the most amazing Dubai wedding packages for you to check out!

But first, kindly note that lead time in order to get permissions from the local authorities is 10 working days for Dubai and 15 working days for other Emirates.

After you have chosen all the wedding details, such as your wedding flowers and wedding cake, it is time to book your wedding fireworks.

Fireworks are a beautiful way to add some fun and joy to your wedding day, everyone loves to watch those beautiful lights decorating the night sky.

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If you have no idea where to find fireworks in Dubai, here are the top companies and places for you to check out.

El Pyro

El Pyro Fireworks

El Pyro Fireworks is a well known fireworks and pyrotechnic company based in Dubai and Bahrain. El Pyro was established in Dubai in 2000 by 2 partners: Waheed Bin Hasan Al Khan, a well known Bahraini music composer, and Markus Katerle, a well known German Designer of Fireworks, the Managing Partner of Flash Art Germany.​

El Pyro Fireworks provides safe quality, and creative displays, indoor and outdoor musical and non musical displays with world class standards. They shoot from land and sea. ​Using state of the art GALAXIS - the German made digital wireless shooting systems which allows the pre programming of the firework show in a precise method.

El Pyro imports selective materials from Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and China, the material are manufactured according to the special specifications for El Pyro Fireworks and are stored in special storage facilities in Dubai and Bahrain.

Flash Art

Flash Art - The Show & Effects LLC

Today’s Flash Art is a worldwide linked brand with direct access to markets in Asia, Russia, the US, Middle East, and Europe. They are still sold to their roots, still developing new ideas and new technologies, and still looking for the unusual and unexpected.

Flash Art transforms your ideas and messages into unforgettable and chord striking symphonies of emotions. For your success, for your memories, and for your inspiration, and they integrate the concept into perfect media communication.

Igual Gulf Fireworks

Igual Gulf Fireworks by Fiesta Holdings

Igual Gulf Fireworks conducts world class fireworks and laser shows in partnership with world renowned Pirotecnia Igual S.A. from Barcelona, Spain. 

Igual has 128 years of history creating joy and is now offering it’s Dubai fireworks services in the GCC countries. 

Pains Fireworks

Pains Fireworks

Pains Fireworks specializes in delivering sensational professional firework displays, striking SFX, and dazzling pyrotechnics for thousands of events across the UK and the Middle East.



Ruggieri's long-established know-how, associated with today's most innovative technologies, enables them to coordinate and lead the way in multimedia shows, combining fireworks with aquatic installations, light projections, lasers, video mapping, and live performers to give expression to a tailored scenography. 

Ruggieri's teams are at your service to design and set up your exceptional events. The design department creates original, tailored shows, and the technical team,

Sada Al Afrah

Sada Al Afrah

Being one of the major wedding planners in Dubai, their responsibility is to plan, execute wedding ceremonies in the most professional way. They have professional staff with a handful of experience in wedding planning in Dubai and all over the UAE. Professional wedding photography is one of the most important elements to make the event memorable. 

They are one of the major companies that undertake pyrotechnics and fireworks in Dubai and In UAE. Pyrotechnics are used to create flashes of fire and bright light, and puffs of smoke, through the various pyrotechnic compositions.

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