Terra Solis

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Terra Solis is a brand-new unique desert destination in Dubai presented by Tomorrowland. Nestled between the Arabian dunes and inspired by the most beautiful star constellations, Terra Solis will open the doors in October 2022, welcoming people from around the globe to a magical oasis of relaxation in the Arabian desert. Visitors from around the world will experience the finest music, a vibrant pool scene, incredible dining, and a unique glamping experience in the Arabian dunes.

Featuring a collection of three stunning accommodation options, all named after stars, meteor showers and constellations, the stunning Polaris bell tents, the marvellous Perseid lodges, and the spectacular Orion pool lodges will provide a unique stay in the Arabian dunes. Guests will also have access to a picturesque swimming pool at the heart of the destination, some of the most iconic Tomorrowland elements, a restaurant, a bar and a shisha lounge. The oriental-chic desert oasis is spread over 371,000 square meters. Terra Solis will combine outstanding music and entertainment, a fun party atmosphere, and an exceptional food and beverage offering in one refreshing and energizing destination where guests are encouraged to explore the sweeping desert landscapes that make Terra Solis.


Dubai Heritage Vision Exit - 29 Jebel Ali - Lehbab Road
Terra Solis map location

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