11 Wedding Venue Decorating Tips and Ideas to Follow

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11 Wedding Venue Decorating Tips and Ideas to Follow

Once a couple announces their engagement and starts planning their wedding the first thing they do is find a wedding venue. But brides and grooms can get overwhelmed when they visit their wedding venue, as it is not easy to think of all the tiny things they need for the decorations at their wedding venue.

There are many details you should discuss with your wedding planner before deciding on your wedding decorations, such as the theme you want and the personalized details which will make your wedding unique and special.

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Here are some tips to help you in decorating your wedding venue.


Set a Plan

Some might get excited to start ordering their centerpieces and decorations, which is not a smart thing to do. First of all you need to study your wedding venue and put a plan of what you want to do.

Get Inspired

A mood board can always help with some inspiration and give you creative and budget-friendly ideas. You can always check out our real weddings and real luxury wedding sections to get some inspiration. Also, make sure you check the most beautiful Lebanese weddings here!

Stick to a Budget

One way to stick to your wedding budget is deciding on how practical the decorations you buy actually are. Most of the time, you will not use them again and end up spending your money on something you will never use, so renting your vases, tableware, and lanterns might be a smart thing to do.

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Emphasize The Features

Every wedding venue has some features that can be enhanced to look fancier and more elegant, such as huge pillars that can be decorated, a fireplace, or floor-to-ceiling windows that can also be decorated beautifully.

Don't Forget The Bathrooms

Bathrooms at weddings are usually overlooked, but nowadays, brides are focusing on every detail of their wedding planning and decor.

Adding small details can change the entire vibe and look of your wedding, and make your guests feel more welcomed.

What can you add to your wedding venue's bathroom?

Hospitality Baskets: Wedding bathroom baskets also called "hospitality baskets" can be placed in the bathroom and filled with items that your friends and family may need during your wedding.

What can you fill the baskets with? Here are some ideas:

  • Mints or gum
  • Band-Aid
  • Tissues
  • Toothpicks or Floss
  • Hair Ties and Pins (For the ladies)
  • Body spray or perfume
  • Hair Spray (For the ladies)
  • Hand Cream

Print It Out: Adding a small sign with a cute note beside the tray or basket can add a personal touch as well/

Decorations: Want to go all out? Decorate the bathroom doors with colorful tulle and flowers!


For the practical bride looking for simple but unique ideas that bring back childhood memories, chalkboards are a stylish way to add a flare to your wedding or party.

Here are some ideas to use chalkboards at your wedding:

  • Welcome Sign.
  • Photobooth Backdrop.
  • Table Numbers.
  • Instagram Sign.


For a unique, fun, and simply adorable wedding centerpieces, we have a great idea for you... umbrellas!

Consider having umbrella-based centerpieces, not only is this wedding theme unique and unpredictable, it works for both indoor and outdoor weddings alike. 

Long Banquet Style Tables

Your dinner tables are one of the most important parts of the wedding, your guests will either spend their time sitting at the tables or dancing on the dance floor.

Brides are becoming more and more aware that dinner tables have different shapes and designs and not just the traditional round 10 seats-tables.

So long banquet tables are becoming more and more popular among brides in the Middle East.

They look great and extravagant; they are also very practical and fun.

Long banquet tables might need extra decorations, and a bit more thought in preparing them, but once they are done right your wedding will look stunning!

Surrounded with Memories

Create a memory lane where all the old pictures of you and your groom are displayed.

Mirrors Everywhere

Interior designers and wedding planners love to use mirrors to add certain effects to the room they are working on.

Mirrors don't only reflect images, they reflect the lights, candles, and make space look larger.

Mirrors add more depth and sophistication when used in the right place.

No matter what theme you want for your wedding, mirrors can be used in all different shapes and sizes to add a unique touch to your wedding decor.\

Make It Personal

Have some pictures taken of you and your fiancé before the wedding so you can use them in decorating the wedding venue.

Your guests will love looking at your pictures and your wedding will look very unique.

Add your pictures to your wedding cake, centerpieces, and even your wedding invitations.

You can also add them to your guest book and wedding flowers around the venue.

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