15 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

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11 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

While planning for a wedding, many brides usually focus on the main elements of the wedding; the venue, the wedding photographer, and the wedding cake.

But what about the little details? Don't forget about the details that will make your wedding more special and stand out.

We think every wedding should reflect the bride and groom’s personality. We have some amazing and creative ideas that will add a personalized touch to your wedding.

If you want your guests to remember your wedding and make it more personal here are some ideas we love:

Personalized Wedding Invitations

Traditional wedding invitations are pretty but if you want to personalize your invitations then the more unique your invitations are the better.

If you want to personalize your wedding invitations then you should think about a unique design, or consider adding details that show off your personality and style.

Signature Drinks

Discuss with your cocktail options with caterer/bartender,  alcoholic or nonalcoholic you can serve your guests a refreshing cocktail named after you and your groom.

For more ideas on delicious wedding, drinks click here!

Thank Your Guests

Thank you notes are normally sent by the newlyweds to the guests who sent in presents and flowers to the bride and groom, either before the wedding or during the wedding.

 It is a thoughtful and creative way to tell your guests; friends and family, how happy you are they could make it to your wedding and thank them for their support.

We also love how a couple left a message to each guest to show them their appreciation for their guests who attended their engagement in Qatar.


Play a video or slide show of you and your groom thanking your guests, planning for your wedding day, and any details you want to share.

You can also hire a music band and give them a playlist of you and your groom's favorite songs.

Personalized Table Numbers

You can personalize your table numbers in any way you want for example you can have your pictures on the table numbers, or print out your favorite song lyrics or poems on each table.

Handkerchief Box

Your wedding day will be an emotional moment for many, give your loved ones cute hankies to dry their happy tears.

Personalized Napkins

 Add a personalized touch to your napkins. Choose your initials, wedding date, or a cute quote.

Personalized Dancefloors

Personalize your dance floor in any way you want the more creative the better, of course, your wedding planner will help you with the ideas and production.

For example, for their beautiful wedding, Marie-Joe and Anthony had the prettiest dancefloor with the phrase "Oh Happy Day!" on it.

And for their summer wedding, Zahra and Ziad had a beautiful unique dancefloor, the wedding theme for this outdoor Lebanese wedding was 'a travel journey' inspired by the song "Summertime Romance" which was the first dance of the couple as Mr. and Mrs. A Summertime Romance sign lit the skies at night and acted as a beautiful backdrop for the dance floor.

Unique Wedding Favors

One easy way you can add a personal touch to your wedding and get creative is your wedding favors.

We love how a bride and groom in Lebanon had personalized teddy bears made for their wedding, click here to see more!

Personalize Your Plates and Table Setup

For their funfair themed engagement party, Hind and Khaled had personalized plates for their guests with a different carnival and funfair patterns and their names printed on the plates.

Faisal and Raneem chose a simple and classic way to personalize their plates set up for their wedding in Sharm El Sheikh with their names printed on the menu and a sweet treat on each plate.


Personalized Tissue Boxes

For a very unique and personalized touch consider having special tissue boxes on each table with your names or initials on it!

We love this tissue box spotted at a butterfly themed wedding that took place in Doha, Qatar, see more here!

DIY Confetti

Do you want your guest to toss confetti when you arrive or leave your wedding venue? All you need is some colored paper/book pages/ newspapers and some scissors or paper cutters.

Decorate Your Wedding Car

Who needs fancy floral arrangements in their car? Go back to the days of rattling cans; you can decorate tin cans the way you want and tie them to your car.

A Cute Entrance

A little boy or girl in your family carrying a handwritten or painted sign that says “Here Comes The Bride” is absolutely adorable.

First Fight Box

The ‘First Fight’ box is a tradition we think is a fun and beneficial way to start your married life. The basic idea of the ‘First Fight’ box is that during your wedding, you should fill a wooden box with handwritten love letters from you and your partner.

You both hammer the box shut with nails and promise not to open the box until your first fight or whenever you might go through a difficult time. All you have to do is sit with your partner, open the box, and read your letters. They will take you back to your wedding day and remind you why you married each other and why love your partner so much.

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