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Your Beauty This Ramadan Begins with Dates

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Your Beauty This Ramadan Begins with Dates

Not only are dates great for your health, they are also great for your skin, hair and nails! Dates contain vitamin B5 which is great for weak hair and skin.

Since dates are rich in vitamin B5, they help in reducing hair loss and stretch marks on the skin as well.

You can use dates to fight aging by applying them as a paste on your face.

Here is an easy face mask with just 2 ingredients:

• 8-9 Dates• 1/2 orange or lemon

  1. Don’t remove the skin of the dates, just the seed. Then, put the ingredients in the blender to create a paste.
  2. Make sure your face is clean, and apply the mixture on your face, massage it with your fingertips and leave for 10 minutes.
  3. Rinse with cold water and pat dry your face for a clean glowing look.