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Your Ramadan Henna Party

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Your Ramadan Henna Party

If you’re having your Henna party (traditional bridal shower party) during the month of Ramadan, make sure to make it a unique one. Read: Tips to Help You Plan Your Wedding During Ramadan

Ramadan has its special vibes and everyone loves staying up late to attend family and friend gatherings, everyone indulges in sweet treats after Iftar, and so many other special details. This is why it is easy for you to have your henna party during Ramadan after Iftar. You can decorate your house with lanterns, candles, stars and moons and even flowers.

Make sure you look stylish by wearing something pretty that goes with the vibes of Ramadan. Check out: What Are You Wearing on Your Henna Night?

Every little detail counts when it comes to your henna night during Ramadan, consider an Indian theme, or a One Thousand and One Nights theme.

Here are some great and easy ideas to decorate your house or venue for a Ramadan-inspired Henna party.