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Serpenti Viper Bulgari Rings For The Modern Bride

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Serpenti Viper Bulgari Rings For The Modern Bride

Bulgari has always taken the Serpent as its inspiration for its jewelry designs. The Serpenti is one of the great icons at the house of Bulgari. Bulgari’s Serpenti collection was first created in the 1940s, beginning with a snake watch that delicately coiled around the wrist. 

The new Seprenti Viper rings by Bulgari are made with the modern woman in mind.

The beautiful and sophisticated rings imitate the scales of the snake, with precious jewels and diamonds adding the luxurious Bulgari touch to each unique ring design.

Inspired by the dangerous venomous snake, the Serpenti Viper ring resembles the triangular shape of the creature’s head as it coils onto itself. 

Take a look at those stunning Bulgari rings and choose your favorite Serpenti ring for a modern and unique wedding band: