Engagement Rings to Suit Every Horoscope

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Engagement Rings to Suit Every Horoscope

If you’re a horoscope fanatic and love to know all about horoscopes, and their compatibility, then how about you find out which engagement ring perfectly matches your zodiac sign.

We previously shared some ideas that will help you choose some wedding details according to your horoscope, but this time we’re adding some sparkle to your horoscope by telling you which engagement ring style best suits you.

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Check out which engagement ring style best suits your personality and zodiac sign:


An emerald cut is one of the oldest diamond cuts in the world, as it goes back to the 14th century. Jewelers in that time used this cut specifically for green emerald stones, and this is why it is called an emerald cut.


Sagittarius is known to be fun and social, this is why we advise brides who are a Sagittarius should choose a fun and colorful ring.

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One of the perfect choices for a Scorpio is a heart solitaire. Heart-shaped cuts became popular in the 17th century, and it symbolized love and romance. But these days it is one of the less popular choices among brides therefore considered to be very unique.


A Virgo bride is unique and has a special charm, she also has a lot of admirers and many want to be close to her, this is why you should choose a unique diamond-cut like the Asscher cut.


A cushion cut is perfect for a Leo bride, the cushion cut has been around for almost 200 years according to the experts. Its squared shape is like a cushion and this is why it called a cushion cut. It has become one of the most popular diamond cuts, even the popular Hope Diamond comes in a cushion cut.


A Gemini bride is energetic and full of life, she also has a bold personality and fears nothing, this is why a bold and unique engagement ring is perfect for you, for example, you can choose a ring with 5 diamonds in different sizes.


Taurus brides are known for their beautiful soul and sense of humor which captures the hearts of those around her, an oval cut diamond ring is perfect for her special personality.


A Marquise diamond cut is perfect for the Aries bride, this cut goes back to the 18th century when French King Louis The 15th asked his jeweler to design a diamond cut that is inspired by his beloved's lips, Madame de Pompadour, and this is how the Marquise cut became popular.


A Brilliant diamond cut is a great choice for a Pisces bride, this beautiful round diamond cut is cut in a particular form with numerous facets so as to have exceptional brilliance.


The Aquarius woman has a personality that combines rationality, fun, and excitement. You can never expect her next move, this is why a round diamond ring is perfect for her.


Cancer brides are very calm and collected and known to have inner peace, they are also sensitive and passionate, but also sometimes stubborn, for the Cancer bride choose a simple and elegant solitaire diamond ring.


A Pear diamond cut is the ring for you, Libra bride! This diamond cut is like a tear or pear shape, this cut goes back to the 15th century, and became less popular in the years after that, but it is becoming more popular among brides these days.

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