Wedding Ceiling Decor Ideas from Real Weddings

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Wedding Ceiling Decor Ideas from Real Weddings

Once you book your wedding venue and start thinking and researching about different wedding theme ideas and color palettes, consider the wedding ceiling decor as well. 

Creating a unique wedding ceiling will add an edge to your wedding venue and elevate your wedding setup considerably. 

There are so many different ways to decorate the ceiling, such as floral ceiling wedding, lights, greenery, crystals, and many other ideas. 

From fancy and extravagant ideas to simple and budget-friendly ones, you can easily add some touches to your wedding decor for an eye-catching wedding ceiling decor.

We have gathered some of the most beautiful and unique wedding ceiling decor ideas from real weddings we previously shared on our website to give you some inspiration.

Chandeliers and Greenery

For this artistic glasshouse wedding in Doha, Qatar, the ceiling of the glasshouse was decorated with stunning crystal chandeliers and fresh greenery adding a lot of nature to the venue. This not to mention that the beautiful wedding cake came down from the decorated ceiling for that extra wow factor. 

Greenery Lanterns

A Gucci's garden-inspired engagement took place in Jordan, and just like the wedding itself, the ceiling was very unique and out of the box. It was covered with lanterns wrapped in greenery, adding lots of color and freshness to the venue. 

Moulin Rouge-Inspired Ceiling

For this Moulin Rouge wedding in Amman, luxurious details inspired by the famous French cabaret, Moulin Rouge, covered the wedding venue. Red drapes and beautiful red chandeliers decorated the wedding venue ceiling for a very dramatic touch.

Regal Florals and Crystal Chandeliers

If you are looking for a feminine and luxurious wedding ceiling decor idea, then a combination of lush florals and crystal chandeliers is the right choice for you.

For this regal floral wedding in Qatar, the ceiling of the wedding venue was decorated with beautiful blush and white flowers, white crystal chandeliers were hung down from the ceiling for the perfect wedding ceiling decor. 

Tropical Ceilings

Magical tropical vibes were spotted at every corner of this fabulous wedding of Sheikha Asma and Sheikh Mohammad in Doha. The ceiling of this private residence was covered with palm tree leaves for the ultimate tropical touch.

Extravagant Installations

A mesmerizing architectural wedding inspired by the desert took place in Qatar. Complex art installations were beautifully dispersed throughout the ceiling. Thousands of multi-three-dimensional layers of special material were arranged in a complex pattern, which made the ceiling installation even more significant. 

Golden Feathers Covered Ceiling

This wedding venue in Sharjah, the Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club, was covered with golden details from floor to ceiling! The breathtaking golden feathers ceiling installation added so much luxury to the overall wedding setup. See more of this glamorous golden wedding in Sharjah here!

Colorful Floral Ceiling

Floral ceilings are one of the most beautiful ways to add color and bring nature into your wedding. For this luxury engagement party in Qatar for Al Fardan family, a huge floral ceiling installation covered the venue's ceiling, adding so much beauty to the wedding ceiling. 

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