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Camping for Your Bridal Shower

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Camping for Your Bridal Shower

If you are the sister of the bride-to-be, her best friend or the bridesmaid, you are probably wondering where to hold her bachelorette party and what theme you should have.

How about you and your girlfriends escape for the weekend and go camping?

There are beautiful camping sites in all Arab countires. If you live in Jordan, we recommend that you check out different resorts or camps that offer camping services in Wadi Rum, Dana or Ajloun. 

Even if there are no camping sites nearby, you can camp outside your home if you have a garden.

Go for a traditional camping experience, or add a few touches to make it even more special.

Here are some ideas we love:

Camping is never complete without a fire and marshmallows.

Smore’s giveaways can be used at your camping party.

Looking for something a bit fancy? We love this camping-inspired buffet!

This Native American theme is perfect for a camping bridal shower! Challenge your inner Pocahontas and dance around the campfire.

Or simply, go back to your roots with a traditional Bedouin-inspired camping theme.