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React Developer

Looking for a React native developer to work on a mobile application and on React component development of the website.


  • Good knowledge of React and React Native
  • Good knowledge of web fundamentals (HTML5, CSS3, ES6+ JS)
  • Good communication skills
  • Previous quality work to demonstrate
  • Experience with Git and GitHub
  • Experience with React state management patterns and practices (preferably Context API or react-query)
  • Preferably based in Jordan 


  • Fully carry out the design and development process for the application.
  • Work together with other React developers by making reliable standalone components. 
  • Follow best practices for the code and project structure. 
  • Write semantic HTML for web components and focus on accessibility. 
  • Setup and follow strict style and linting rules for all of the work. 
  • Make a multi-language user interface (English (LTR) and Arabic (RTL)).

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