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Wedding Photography by Blue Eye Picture Studio Dubai.   Your wedding is a unique reflection of you. That's why WE love getting to know you personally - so we can tell your story beautifully. Sharing all your wedding dreams and details helps me create authentic, meaning­ful images that reflect the true you. Your unguarded moments. Your nat­ural emotions. All the cherished images of your very special day.    Our shooting style is quietly unobtrusive. And my images naturally reveal the expressions of love and commitment that you both share. This is our passion. The heart of what we do. And it shines through in every image.    Your wedding day will be filled with extraordinary moments - intimate, surprising and joyous. Those fleeting moments, captured creatively, are the timeless visual heirlooms that will instantly bring you back to the essence of your wedding day.    Let us tell your love story.    Cinematic Wedding Video production in Dubai.   Our wedding movies are filmed and edited to perfection, with the attention to details that only a seasoned professinal can deliver. Simply put, our cinematic wedding videos are exitig to watch ! Your movie will reflect genuine feelings and emotions that will be vivid forever.    We are the masters of cinematic editing. Making a shorter video is far dififcult then providing a typical full lenght documentary. We know the art of storytelling.    Why Blue Eye Picture Movies?  We have the best technology HD and 4k. Our cameras, drons for aerail footage, lights, edititing softwares are state of art. Have the best combination of experience and creativity for You.    Wedding Albums in Dubai.   Meaningful connections to your wedding day  There is something about holding a photograph in your hands. It connects you physically to the feelings of a time and place that an image on a screen can't replace. That's why your wedding is so important. It is a tangible link to your wedding day.  Digital files definitely have their place. But a beautifully crafte art album is a permanent heirloom you will enjoy, share and pass down - a meaningful connection to your wedding day that becomes more cherished each year.    About Our Italian Wedding Books  To enchance and preserve the high fidelity of the book prints, Blue Eye Picture has invented and patented a revolutionary binding system,whose superior quality is literally self evident. The perfectly lay-flat opening allows a panoramic and detailed view of the whole spread, including the parts positioned over the seam. The result is a nearly cinematographic, captivating experience through­out the years.   Weddings by Blue Eye Picture Magazine Blue Eye Picture always goes further, now we create amazing guider for all brides. Be close to us, follow our Wedding Magazine by Blue Eye Picture and all your get a ready before your wedding become easier and enjoy-full . For all Wedding Magazine lover subscribe here    

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