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We're not event planners! We're artists and art lovers. Designers and dreamers. We put our hearts and souls into everything simply because we know no other way.

The ordinary is anathema. So are cookie-cutter events, robbed of any hint of a personality. We create events that are, above all else, like nothing else.

A Fête event consists of artistic layers carefully designed and meticulously arranged to stimulate all fives senses. Each layer unfolds during the course of an event taking the guests through a journey while being a part of a story that is yet unknown. But once told, it will never be forgotten.

A wedding that leaves the guests teary-eyed, or a birthday party that has them rolling on the floor n laughter. That’s what we work tirelessly towards. That’s when we’ll finally take a seat.

Part-musician, part-designer, Mallika Singh is an undeniable leader of avant-garde events in Dubai and is famed for skillfully crafting event masterpieces that change perceptions and create multi-sensory experiences. The mounting social appreciation of her work resulted in her utilizing her passion in an entrepreneurial capacity, which brought about the birth of Fete Events – a powerhouse of creative excellence.

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