Arabia Weddings Launches New SMS Service

Arabia Weddings Launches New SMS Service
Mon 20-05-2013

Arabia Weddings has just launched its new SMS service in Arabic to all Zain subscribers in Jordan.

Subscribers will be receiving daily tips and trends to help brides and grooms-to-be plan their perfect wedding.

The messages will include beauty tips for the bride, wedding planning tips, health and fitness, tips on photography, wedding cakes, flowers and all other beautiful aspects of the wedding. These messages will also remind couples of the tiny details they need to plan their wedding and honeymoon.

Here are a few examples on the tips that you will be receiving:

  • Pick a bouquet that compliments your dress and size, if you will be wearing a long dress, then go for a longer bouquet.
  • The flash of the camera has a great effect on your wedding pictures, and can make your face look too bright and shiny, so opt for a foundation that is shimmer free.
  • Wear in your shoes before your wedding day, walk in them around the house so you can break them in and be more comfortable.

Send the number 37 to 92020 to subscribe to this service. It costs 7 Jordanian piasters per 1 SMS.