10 Fall Wedding Ideas to Fall in Love With

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10 Fall Wedding Ideas to Fall in Love With

Having a fall wedding? We have the best fall wedding ideas you will really fall in love with! Most couples dream of a May or June wedding when the weather is warmer but not too hot and when people are in their party mode. Although the wedding season in the Arab Gulf countries tends to end by the end of May or early June, June is the beginning of the wedding season for many other Arab countries. 

But having your wedding in the midst of the wedding season is not always a great idea. Many couples opt for a wedding during the autumn months of September, October, November, and early December. 

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Here are 4 reasons why you should consider a fall wedding:

  1. Your Guests Will Get a Break: If you haven't noticed, everyone over 20 years old starts getting over the wedding season as soon as it starts. You’ve probably heard the phrase: “Is the entire world getting married this summer?” a few times. So your wedding guests will love having a few weeks off the wedding season, and once your wedding comes around they will be ready to party again.
  2. Everyone You Care For Will Be There: With the wedding season frenzy, people can get invited to more than one wedding on the same day or week, which makes it hard for them to attend every single wedding.  You’ve probably heard some gossip of friends missing each others’ weddings, as some were invited to other wedding parties on the same day,  or some were on their honeymoon and many other stories. If you have a fall wedding people should be freer to celebrate with you.
  3. Cheaper Travel Rates: Whether you are looking for your honeymoon or flying guests over to attend your wedding, travel rates are usually cheaper in the fall. 
  4. Available Vendors: Having a fall wedding will help you book all the great wedding venues and vendors you want, as vendors become more flexible and have cheaper rates to offer you (if the fall is not a high wedding season in your country). 

A fall wedding means a warm, romantic, and rustic celebration; so for a romantic and elegant fall wedding, you must check out these 10 stunning fall wedding ideas we have for you:

Fall Inspired Centerpieces

You have endless options to use as centerpieces for your fall wedding. All you have to do is get creative and be bold.

Don’t hesitate to use pine cones, pumpkins, chestnuts, and even hay in your centerpiece and decorations.

You can also use fall leaves in their beautiful orange, yellow and green colors, dry twigs, tree branches, grains, coffee beans, and dry legumes.

Remember that you can always use beautiful seasonal flowers such as pretty Dahlia flowers for your fall centerpieces.

Add Some Velvet Fabric

Velvet is a popular fabric to use in your fall or winter wedding. Use velvet ribbons to decorate your chairs, your wedding invitations, and you can use velvet table runners or covers to add a rich and warm feel to your wedding. 

Check out this wedding in Doha with luxurious velvet kosha seating and chairs!

Plaid Wedding Theme

Plaid is one of the most popular patterns in the fall; consider having a plaid theme with some plaid details, such as your table covers, plaid shawls for your wedding guests which they can take as wedding favors. You can even include it in your look - we spotted many brides wearing a plaid shawl or shirt for a unique bridal look in the autumn and winter season.

Greenery and Nature Inspired Weddings

Greenery is great to use in your wedding at any season, but it is especially beautiful to use in the fall. Let your guests feel like they are in a lush garden and enjoy the nature theme. Check out these breathtaking greenery bouquets we love!

Fall Inspired Wedding Invitations

Get inspired by this romantic season for your wedding invitations, think of darker shades such as plum, deep red, burnt orange, and earth tones, for a bit of sparkle add some metallic touches to it.

Pink October Wedding Theme

Are you a bride who wants to show her support for breast cancer awareness? If you're getting married in October, this is your chance.

Pink October is breast cancer awareness month, and you can definitely add a few touches to your wedding that go with the Pink October theme.

Consider having a pink wedding cake, pink and blush wedding bouquet, and many other pink details.

Wood Details

Wooden touches are great to complement a rustic fall wedding theme, consider having wood signs, wood table numbers, wood stands for your centerpieces or wedding cake.

Check out this Olive themed wedding in Lebanon with some beautiful wood details!

Fall Inspired Wedding Cakes

A fall wedding calls for a fall wedding cake! For a fall wedding cake consider adding fall-inspired details such as succulents, berries, leaves, and pretty fall flowers and blooms.

For more ideas on fall wedding cakes click here!

A Leaves Theme

When we think of the fall season, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the beautiful orange and brown leaves, so why not include these beautiful leaves in your fall wedding?

Fall Inspired Wedding Favors

For the ultimate fall wedding, make sure you include fall touches in every detail of your wedding including your fall wedding favors. For example giveaway homemade honey jars, jam jars, or cinnamon-scented candles, and pretty warm shawls... -  the ideas are endless. 

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