Find Out What Your Wedding Bouquet Says About You

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Find Out What Your Wedding Bouquet Says About You

Every bride spends a lot of time looking for ideas for her bridal bouquet, and every bride knows that the wedding bouquet completes the bridal look.

Some brides like simple and small floral arrangements while others want a statement bridal bouquet that will make their wedding guests' jaws drop.

Whatever you choose, your bridal bouquet says a lot about you and your personality.

We previously shared "Flower Meanings You Should Know For Your Wedding".

But here is what your bridal bouquet says about you:

Gardenia: You are innocent and pure at heart, you are also a true romantic.


Tulips: You have a kind heart and cherish all those around you,  you are also a perfectionist and detail oriented.


Orchids: You’re sophisticated, and honest, you also have a small but amazing group of friends.


Roses: You have a great respect for traditions, and love luxury.