Flower Meanings You Should Know For Your Wedding

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Flower Meanings You Should Know For Your Wedding

Have you ever heard that every flower has a meaning? Well if you did, this is not a myth; it is true that different wedding flowers symbolize different things.

In the past, flowers were used to express true feelings instead of words.

But be careful! Not all flowers mean something positive, just like the color of the flowers, which mean different things.

So here are some popular wedding flowers and what they actually symbolize or mean.


Peonies represent the most romantic and wedding-related meaning “Happy Marriage”.

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Roses when in red symbolize passion and love. When in pink they mean admiration, and when in white they mean purity.

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Cala Lilly

​Calla Lily means regal, and it is usually a favorite amongst brides.

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​Orchids symbolize charm and refinement which makes them great for a bridal bouquet.

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Freesia represents innocence and friendship.

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Hydrangeas are a symbol of perseverance.


Carnations mean different things depending on their color, when they’re in pink they mean gratitude, and when they’re in white they mean pure love.

Baby's Breath

Baby’s Breath symbolizes festivity, which makes them perfect for a wedding.

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