How to Save on Your Wedding Favors

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How to Save on Your Wedding Favors

Now that wedding favors or giveaways are becoming more popular at weddings in the Middle East, brides are looking for creative ideas to make their guests remember their special day.

But if you’re planning your wedding on a budget, you might be worried about the costs of your wedding favors. Worry no more; Arabia Weddings has come up with these tips to help you out:

Buy in Bulk: Search and ask for bulk or whole-sale products that can be much cheaper than buying separate items.

Shop Online: Look for websites that sell and ship in bulk, such as Amazon or Ebay, and compare their prices with your local vendors, you might find great deals. Also make sure you look at the shipping cost or any custom duties that you may have to pay before you order.

Printables: Print thank you notes or a poem and have it nicely designed to present to your guests. This can be much cheaper than buying actual wedding favors and will do the purpose of thanking your guests as well. Read: "Wedding Etiquette: Thank You Notes for Your Guests"

Online Templates: Get all the right elements together for your ideal wedding without breaking your wallet. Start with finding the right designs for your wedding stationery from beautiful and free templates online, one of the best websites that will help you do this is, check out their Cheap Wedding Ideas and Templates for your wedding!


Useful Favors: Give your guests something they will actually use to make sure you had your money well spent. Read: "Giveaways Your Guests Will Use".

DIY: If you have some spare time and a crafty friend, then why not make your own wedding favors? Here are some DIY ideas for beautiful favors:

Read about how bride Jamileh Al-Alami did her Jam Jars for her wedding! 

2 in 1: Read our article "2 in 1 to Reduce Your Wedding Budget". Ask your florist to make your centerpieces simple and easy to be carried so your guests might take them with them as wedding favors. Wedding cake leftovers? Great gifts for your guests! Read: "What to Do With Your Wedding Leftovers"

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