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Top Outdoor Wedding Venues in Lebanon

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Top Outdoor Wedding Venues in Lebanon

Now that you are engaged, it is time to start planning your dream wedding. One of the most important parts of planning is finding your wedding venue. 

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Your wedding venue has to be a place you would love to have your wedding at, a place you can imagine celebrating the best day of your life in.

You are super lucky if you are getting married in Lebanon, as it is considered one of the most beautiful countries which have beautiful nature and magic to it.

Lebanon offers some amazing and unique venues and places that make amazing wedding venues, whether you are looking for a beach wedding venue, a grand ballroom, or a spacious outdoor wedding venue, you won't be disappointed!

But just like any other beautiful country, it is not easy to find the right wedding venue among all the options it has to offer, this is why you should start narrowing down your choices to make it easier for you to find your wedding venue.

Start by choosing the type of wedding venue you want for your Lebanese weddings, such as a garden wedding, a beach wedding, or an indoor wedding.

If you want to have an outdoor wedding in Lebanon, then you came to the right place, because we bring you the top outdoor wedding venues in Lebanon.

Al Bustan Hotel - Lebanon

Al Bustan Hotel & Spa

In the heart of the scenic town of Beit Mery, only 15 km from the urban jungle of Beirut, is the quintessentially Lebanese Al Bustan Hotel. Its founder, Emile Bustani, wanted to build a hotel to treat the world and his international friends to the finest authentic Lebanese hospitality.

For over half a century, the hotel has been a Lebanese landmark, lovingly run by 3 generations of the Bustani family. Steeped in family tradition and heritage, Al Bustan is imbued with a grand spirit.

Byblos Sur Mer - Lebanon

Byblos Sur Mer

Exquisitely located at the edge of the sea, and at the most prominent spot of Byblos Harbor, Byblos Sur Mer hotel provides privacy and serenity in a truly charming setting and offers its guests the comfort of a home at the heart of a legend. Byblos Sur Mer overlooks the ancient Byblos port and castle on one side, and a panoramic view of the Mediterranean sea on the other, in a carefully decorated space furnished with local art and artisanal wares, ancient relics, and precious items from private collections.

Blanchic - Lebanon


Blanchic is a modern outdoor venue, designed to host all kinds of events from weddings and engagements to entertainment and fashion shows. Perched on the edge of a mountain cliff in Baabdat, the venue reveals its charm to the virgin mountains of the Metn area, creating an unparalleled mood and a humidity-free atmosphere.

Across the 10,000 m² of Blanchic, there's no room for compromise: They offer a Welcome Drinks patio, Bridal Room, Ceremonial Grounds, and a Reception Area to accommodate up to 800 guests.

Blanc De Chene - Lebanon

Blanc De Chene

Blanc de Chene in Bikfaya is the wedding empire project launched by EWE which provides a full solution of services regarding your wedding. If you are searching for a wedding venue or searching for a catering company to serve you or a wedding planner to plan it, you will find it all here.

First comes the venue, which is considered one of the best in the Middle East by all who have seen it. With a charming surrounding panoramic view, the enchanting greenery around, the many scenic spots on location, and just the perfect breeze during Lebanon’s summer heat, your dream wedding at Blanc de Chene will certainly be magical. 

Chateau Rweiss Wedding Halls - Lebanon

Chateau Rweiss

Chateau Rweiss was built in 1907 by the priest Boutros Abi Nasr as a private convent that does not belong to a specific congregation. It contained both a church and a small school with dorms. Chateau Rweiss has been a family legacy. The heirs of the convent decided to sell the property in the year 1969. The civil war of 1975 diminished the convent to the sheer wreckage and made it abandoned. 

To live up to your dream of having a fairytale wedding, Chateau Rweiss offers you a sacred magical landscape to celebrate your wedding with luxury and refinement. It is an ideal location to join your love with an enchanting memorable ambiance. 

Situated in the heart of the beautiful Chnaniir, on the hill that overlooks all other hills, Chateau Rweiss surmounts all seven crowns and strategic points of Keserwan Hills. 

Domaine De Zekrit - Lebanon

Domaine De Zekrit

Nestled perfectly between the lush valleys of Mount Lebanon, Domaine de Zekrit has seen the rise and fall of great empires dating as far back as the Phoenician Era whose remnants can still be seen around the venue. Divided into 2 levels, Domaine de Zekrit allows up to 1400 guests to be comfortably seated with every seat boasting the best view in the house.

Eddé Sands Hotel & Wellness Resort - Lebanon

Edde Sands

Edde Sands Resort offers the "full package", as they have a diverse range of locations that will appeal to all tastes and any number of guests. Also, their breathtaking landscaped gardens, beach view and immaculate atmosphere will make a perfect setting for your wedding. 

For a unique dining experience, the chefs strive to provide the best of a culinary experience and have menus to suit any occasion; they are more than happy to cater to any special request. The Banquet team will work along with your wedding planner with all dedication to make sure your event is a highly personalized and distinctive occasion that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Grand Hills a Luxury Collection Hotel & Spa - Lebanon

Grand Hills Hotel, Broumana

350 (indoor) 80 USD pp

Majestic weddings are flawlessly staged in the Grand Hills Hotels exquisite settings. With fabled gardens and palatial ballroom experience, your event will be organized with an unrivaled attention to detail. Grand Hills offers a luscious epicurean selection of indulging menu options.

Les Talus

Historically known as the 'windmill hill' Les Talus provides an authentic venue and a romantically beautiful setting for weddings and any special occasion. Located at an idyllic altitude of 340 meters above sea level on an individually owned hill in Okaybeh, Keserwan, away from the humidity of the coast, the venue is spread on a private land of 50,000 square meters. With its proximity to the sea and the stunning views from the hill, Les Talus is the perfect venue for any memorable occasion.

The multi-leveled architecture of the gardens of Les Talus give enough privacy for each area, building on the guests’ curiosity while moving from one setting to the other - ceremony, cocktail reception and dinner.


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Mehrine Thee Venue - Lebanon

Mehrine Thee Venue

It is the place where you can turn your dream into an astonishing reality, Mehrine Thee Venue in Jbeil has been carefully created to meet your deepest desire and highest request. This place combines in a dignified way the 4 essential life’s elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. You shall discover a magical space out of the bountiful gift of nature: it is a haven of peace where space itself makes you feel the life-giving universe sense. In this infinite landscape, you enjoy the great panoramic view of the horizon defining the borderline between heaven and earth. The Venue is a guarantee for making your event an everlasting memory, it creates the perfect state to enjoy each and every moment of your special occasion. 

OCiel Venue - Lebanon

O CIEL Venue

Perched on top of Naher El Kaleb ruins, nestled between the heaven and the seas, O Ciel outdoor and indoor venue offers the ideal setup for the making of all kinds of events.

Residence Des Pins Beyrouth - Lebanon

Residence Des Pins Beyrouth

The Pine Residence is the official residence of the French Ambassador to Lebanon. The Palace holds a particular historical importance since General Gouraud declared the creation of the state of Lebanon in September 1920 from its porch. The Pine Residence was built by Alfred Moussa Sursock, The construction of “Qasr es-Sanawbar” began in 1916. It is classified as a historic monument by the Lebanese Directorate General of Antiquities. La Residence des Pins is not open to Public unless on special occasions but is open for hire for weddings and special events. 

Sursock Palace - Lebanon

Sursock Palace

0 (indoor) 1000 (outdoor)

Built-in 1860 by Moussa Sursock, Sursock Palace was recognized at the time as one of Beirut's grandest townhouses and is today certainly the largest private palace of that period to survive intact, with its surrounding lush gardens, as a family home. One important and deciding factor is that the gardens are hired as a whole for 24 hours, which means total privacy and more than enough time to set-up and break-up the wedding set up. Effectively, and unlike most other venues, there will be only one function at a time and normally all day to get prepared.

The Legend Venue - Lebanon

The Legend

Nested on the bank of the ancient Lycus River (Nahr El Kalb), a two thousand years old historical and archeological site where Emperors and Kings have left their footprints, The Legend Venue is unique by definition. Guests are privileged by an exclusive site seeing the view of the Historical Mamluk Bridge and the 17-Arches Roman Aqueduct, overwhelmed by the sacred beauty of the natural surrounding and swayed by the gentle breeze of the river valley that flows through our venue making it the perfect spot for legendary outdoor and indoor celebrations.

Today, its timeless majesty will enchant and delight, welcoming the most prestigious and glamorous weddings, corporate events and concerts. The indoor space accommodates up to 1000 persons (seated dinner) and 750 persons (buffet set up) and is operational from 15 October to mid-May. The outdoor space accommodates up to 1200 persons (seated dinner) and 800 persons (buffet set up) and is operational from 25 May to 1 October. Only a 200-meter drive from the highway and at a close distance from the heart of Beirut, The Legend Venue wins it all.

Venezia Gardens Events Venue - Lebanon

Venezia Gardens

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is one of the most important decisions to make when planning a wedding. The venue needs to be romantic, unique, with beautiful landscapes for your wedding photographer and also offers comfortable accommodation for your guests. The Venezia Gardens in Faitroun offers you all of this and more.

The Silk Valley

The Silk Valley Resort and Wellness Center

Beyond a beautiful valley in the heart of the Upper Metn lies a place of magic and natural opulence. Over 168 years old, the Hamada Silk Factory has a rich history and is one of the most unique venues in Lebanon. 

The Silk Valley Venue is eclectic and versatile, providing many possibilities for staging, gathering, and seating areas.

Offering the highest level of service to make the planning of your special day as easy as possible. Everything you need to make your wedding and event perfect is included.

The Silk Valley at Hamada Venue has the versatility to offer many areas and choices with a capacity of up to 600 Guests. The different areas are:

  • La Pépinière of 800 sqm
  • La Piazza of 600 sqm
  • Tilia Garden of 360 sqm
  • Arcade of 600 sqm
  • Ruin of 650 sqm

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