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Touch Your Guests’ Hearts: Create the Perfect Wedding Atmosphere

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Touch Your Guests’ Hearts: Create the Perfect Wedding Atmosphere

Have your guests “Awww-ing” and “Ooooh-ing” all throughout your wedding with these cute, romantic ideas.

Music is Key: During the time where nothing major is happening such as when you guests are taking their seats and arriving at the wedding, or getting up for the buffet, make sure you have entertaining music playing in the background.

Create Your Own Vows: Although this is not a very popular tradition in the Middle East, but surprise your guests with this cute gesture and share your vows with them.

Children’s Book: Do you have a cute little child in the family who can read a short paragraph from a children’s book? Choose a paragraph related to love from a children’s book such as “The Velveteen Rabbit” and “The Places You’ll Go.”

The Entrance: Build up some excitement to your grand entrance. Whether you want some special music before, or make your flower girls enter the hall before you, it is all about suspense.

Paper Lanterns: Not only are they romantic and will light up the sky, but they will also make your guests feel involved.

Overseas Friends and Family: If some of your friends and family could not attend the wedding, ask them to record a short video message you can play during the wedding on a screen.

Parents Dance: Have a dance with your father and make sure your groom has a dance with his mother.