A Unique Train Station Wedding by My Event Design

The wedding was held at a functioning service train station “Al-Jizah Train Station” in Amman, Jordan, which was transformed into a wedding venue by wedding planner Majeda Kassir Bisharat of MY Event Design and her team.

Dating back to the early 20th century, Al-Jizah Train Station was part of the Hejaz Railway, a line that connected Mecca with Damascus back in the day. Al-Jizah Station is currently a functional service station operating along that same line. It is situated 35km from Amman, the capital of Jordan.

The theme behind the Wedding Décor was all about rustic, Bohemian and travel inspiration. The team drew inspiration from old train stations around the world along with travel theme inspiration. The colors used were green, white, pink and burgundy.

For the entrance, guests walked through an outstanding tunnel inspired by the London Underground. To create a train station feel, the team of MY Event Design installed a 12 meter pathway that was surrounded by polycarbonate Lexan which was emphasised by the LED circular arch and lighting effect that were used. To add to the elegant ambience, they suspended beautiful crystal decanters in one row, and added floral hoops from the inner surface of the tunnel.

"This wedding was very special on so many levels. To me, other than the fact that we have brought the train station to life, the most special design detail was the floating swings that were hung from the 5 meter truss. This event would have been much more difficult to organize and execute had it not been for my amazing team at MY Event Design. I would also like to thank all parties involved for making this event such a beautiful and memorable one for me, all the guests, and most importantly the beautiful couple" commented Majeda Kassir Bisharat.

Take a look at these pictures of this one-of-a-kind train station wedding theme:

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Al-Jizah Train Station, Amman - Jordan

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