Ziad and Sewar's New Renaissance Wedding in Beirut

On a beautiful summer day of 6 July 2018, Siwar Bisharat and Ziad Hoshe, a couple from Jordan, got married in a lavish medieval-themed wedding held in Beirut. The stunning wedding was conceptualised, designed and implemented by the professional team of MY Event Design which was founded by Majeda Kassir Bisharat, mother of the bride. 

Wedding Details

This stunning wedding took place at La Résidence Des Pins in Beirut, Lebanon - the residence of the French Ambassador to Lebanon. The Residence dates back to the early 1900s during the times of the Ottoman Empire, making it the ideal venue for a New Renaissance Theme, a royal and grand theme where the medieval ages come back to life. So Majeda Kassir Bisharat and the amazing team of MY Event Design wanted to implement an ambience that complements the venue.

The inspiration was drawn from the medieval ages, with a fusion of the old and new. The color gold was often used then, so the wedding had a similar color scheme, with the same spirit as the Renaissance era, but with a modern twist, hence, the New Renaissance.

As wedding guests entered the dramatic tunnel, they were astounded by the medieval-inspired pathway which led to the dinner area. At the top of the tunnel, dangling gold leaves were installed with single Crystal Ottoman Chandeliers held by Bordeaux fabric. Infinity mirrors were also installed on the sides of the pathway. Between the mirrors, 3 layers of crystal chandeliers were hung in a unique way at a close proximity to the floor. The wire holding them together was full of dark dramatic flowers for that mysterious feel.

Luxury Wedding

For the flooring, a print from the Renaissance period was chosen which ensured that the black and white pattern reflected the theme.

In the middle of the tunnel, MY Event Design team aligned cocktail tables with sensational flowers in gold vases. Towards the end of the tunnel a block of mirrors were installed to bewilder the wedding guests. As guests walked further and upon entering the venue, the backdrop of the tunnel had mirrors and gold appliqués, this also served as a picturesque setting for guests who wished to take photos. 

Furthermore the team installed an enchanting arch backdrop of spikes and diverse floral arrangements with dangling upside down candles. The flowers still had their roots for that rich vintage look. 3000 upside down candles from the garden’s Olive trees were hung to add to the dramatic and dreamy vibes.

My Event Design Wedding

For the Bride & Groom’s entrance, the team created a massive backdrop of ivory roses with spikes and candles sticking out from all sides, which created a warm ambience.

As the Bride & Groom went down the stairs, they were surrounded with ball-shaped floral arrangements of ivory roses and gold candelabras - a truly royal entrance. Facing the backdrop, visual screens along the entire venue were installed.

The wedding cake, designed by the Creative Director of MY Event Design Majeda, was layered with mirrors and peonies; one layer had mirrors while the next layer had peonies, and so on.

Wedding Cake

"As always, this event would have been much more difficult to organize and execute had it not been for my amazing team at MY Event Design. I would like to thank all parties involved for making this event such a beautiful and memorable one for me, for the guests, and most importantly for the client" said Majeda.

Take a look at these stunning wedding pictures:

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