Adele Planning on Losing Weight Before Wedding

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Adele Planning on Losing Weight Before Wedding
Sun 20-11-2016

Now that Adele is engaged to fiance Simon Konecki, they are both planning their wedding.

Adele is also planning on losing some weight for her wedding dress.

According to reports Adele plans to be a whole new woman thanks to her weight loss plan.

“Adele got down to what she considers her ideal size back in August, but since then, she’s slowly but surely packed the pounds back on,” an insider told

“She’s never wanted to be a stick figure, but she’d love to be a size 10 or 12 for her wedding, and since she never wants to totally deprive herself, she’s kind of developed her own plan.” 

“She’s still going to eat her favorite food, but just eat the healthy versions,” the insider continued.

“She switching to organic, cutting out gluten, and dairy, and even doing some of her own cooking. Adele is actually a great cook!”