Allison Williams Shares Best Wedding Detail

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Allison Williams Shares Best Wedding Detail
Fri 12-02-2016

Actress Allison Williams tied the knot twice in 2015, once in real life and once on screen as Marnie Michaels.

So Allison shared her best advice on finding the perfect dress!

"I didn't think I had any opinions about my wedding dress. And even if you don't think you have any opinions, you just start thinking about things like if you want sleeves or no sleeves, or how long you want it," she said. "You'll have more opinions than you think, so just base it on your gut instinct."

She also shared the one thing every wedding dress needs: "If you can be so lucky, have someone put pockets in yours. I had pockets in mine, and there was an audible gasp at the wedding when I got to the front and put my hands in my pockets. I had tissues in them and I used every square centimeter of those tissues."

Source: Popsugar