Arab Prince Makes Show Stopping Entrance at Wedding

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Arab Prince Makes Show Stopping Entrance at Wedding
Tue 29-03-2016

An Arab prince from the UAE attended a wedding and made one big entrance!

The guests at the wedding were excited that the Arab prince is attending the wedding, but when the prince decided to make an entrance, and show off his latest helicopter, it all went down from there.

The Emirati swoops around above the event in his helicopter in Ras al-Khaimah, in the United Arab Emirates.

He ascends above the ceremony while hundreds of guests watch on below.

The wedding is clearly a notable affair as huge carpets and expensive sound equipment can be seen laid out across the floor in the mountainous location.

But the power of the helicopter blades is strong and rips up the carpet, knocks over the equipment, and many of the guests have to run and duck for cover to stop their keffiyehs, or headscarves, from flying off.

Some attendees can be heard laughing in the background, but the video cuts to a row of men who look far less impressed.

Thankfully it appears that the helicopter is making an exit with the main occasion already over, as some lengthy repair work is now needed.

The identity of the prince has not yet been confirmed.