Arabia Weddings Launches Online Honeymoon Packing List

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Arabia Weddings Launches Online Honeymoon Packing List
Sun 12-07-2015

Arabia Weddings has just released its online Honeymoon Packing List! The user-friendly list has 70 items that brides and grooms-to-be could tick off when they start packing their suitcases for their honeymoon trip. 

The honeymoon is the time to relax after the wedding, not go shopping for sunglasses or medication a bride or groom forgot to pack!

Couples using this tool are able to check, edit, add, and remove items from their personalized packing list.

The Honeymoon Packing List, available in English and Arabic, is a very helpful online tool that enables newly married couples to pack essential items for their romantic trip, including official documents, clothing, medication and toiletries. 

Packing has never been easier with this amazing Honeymoon Packing List, so check it out and invite your friends to use it. Click here to use this Honeymoon Packing List.