Arabic Fashion Awards Launched by BRIDE

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Arabic Fashion Awards Launched by BRIDE
Thu 03-03-2016

Arabic Fashion Awards 2016 is one of the most important attractions at BRIDE Abu Dhabi, eliciting huge support from the region’s fashion industry.

All students, professionals and domestic goddesses now have the opportunity to break through the boundaries of creativity and become fashion leaders of the future.

Each young designer is required to create an outfit that will showcase their individual talents.

This award enables each designer to express his or her own creativity and imagination and promote the identity, authenticity and culture affiliation.

The traditional Arabic Fashion has taken on a new contemporary twist with luxurious embroidery, flashes of colour and a mixture of textures.

Many designers are able to express their creative flairs and women are able to show their personalities through their clothes.

The competition is open until 15 March 2016, and entries can be submitted here.