Bahisa Al Arabi Launches New Initiative "Be A Different Bride"

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Bahisa Al Arabi Launches New Initiative "Be A Different Bride"
Fri 08-01-2016

Saudi kindergarten teacher and elocution expert Bahisa Al-Arabi has launched a worthwhile initiative under the slogan ‘Be a Different Bride.’

She encourages brides to support a social project instead of focusing on an extravagant wedding.

As a role model, she chose to forgo holding a luxurious wedding and donated money to a poor village in the small horn of Africa country Djibouti, to provide clean drinking water, build a network of watering wells and restore village homes. 

In this interesting interview with Sayidaty, Al-Arabi, who gave a TEDx Talk at the University of Dammam, encouraging students to follow by example, shares her humanitarian vision. 

You and your husband went to a village in Djibouti to make the donation together. Why did you choose to go there?

"Djibouti was one of our choices to share the joy of our wedding, and I decided to share the bliss with all of those who are worthy, without conditions."

How did you get the idea of donating money to help poor villages, rather than having a costly wedding?

"Weddings are a declaration of joy, but have turned into a lot of exaggeration. The call came to share true happiness with those who don’t have it and deserve it, for the feeling of happiness to spread."

Source:Arab News