Beautiful Wedding Dress Made Out Of Cake Goes Viral

Beautiful Wedding Dress Made Out Of Cake Goes Viral
Mon 11-04-2016

This might be one beautiful wedding dress, its intricate design took a team over 300 hours to complete.

With its lacy straps, intricate bodice detailing and beautiful frills and ruffles, this wedding dress looks like a gown fit for any bride on her big day.

But there's one big catch that would prevent even the most daring woman from wearing it - it's made completely out of cake.

It's the world's first 'weddible' dress, a tasty little number fashioned by award-winning cake sculptor, Sylvia Elba.

Weighing in at a whopping 70kg - that's just over 11 stone - and standing at an impressive 170cm tall, it's totally lifesize.

Elba worked on the edible gown with Yvette Marner, founder of Fun N Funky Cakes, and artist Ilinka Rnic, but it was so ambitious it took the team of three more than 300 hours to complete.

Source: Mirror