Belief Awards: The Best Weddings of 2018

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Belief Awards: The Best Weddings of 2018
Wed 28-11-2018

The ones who already got married can confirm this: having a good wedding planner makes all the difference when it comes to reliving your stress and managing tasks for the “big day”. Luckily, there are countless professionals who can help you with that around the world, but what if you could hire an awarded and certified wedding planner? That is not only possible but also pretty easy to find – the Belief Wedding Planners, an international community for top professionals in the industry, selects twice a year the best weddings around the world - and the results are utterly inspiring!

The Belief Awards unveils a carefully-chosen collection of top-class weddings around the world. On the 10th edition, more than 500 entries, from 26 counties, were received – it was the biggest edition so far. 27 wedding planners from 19 countries spanning 5 continents -(Asia, Europe, South America, North America and Africa) made to the final cut.  

“We are now celebrating the 10th edition of the Belief Awards in grand style. The results show for itself how diverse and strong is BWP and its members. We have weddings from South Africa all the way to Iceland. People can get inspired by beautiful photos and clever ideas, this was only possible because of a teamwork between the planners, photographers and all vendors involved. I'm honored to have the participation of so many people from different parts of the world and to celebrate their talent through the Belief Awards”, says Giovana Duailibe, executive director of Belief Wedding Planners.


All the submissions from Belief Awards were judged by a panel of experienced and acclaimed judges: Rosa Ornelas, from Zankyou Weddings; Thaisa Dalmut, editor of Mariée Weddings; and the photographer Facundo Santana from Argentina.

Categories and Winners:

The Belief Awards is not only a collection of gorgeous images; there are also pretty good stories behind each one of the winning weddings.

Meet the categories, the winners and check out how weddings are celebrated around the world:

Wedding Concept

Features great wedding experiences.


Serena Ranieri: The bride and the groom dreamed to get married in a venue close to the coast, possibly a masseria which is a typical building that you can find in the Apulian countryside. So the wedding planner decided to keep the local lifestyle as the theme of this wedding. Every element and decoration put into this wedding reflected the authentic soul of this land.



Judy Amado: for this wedding, the bride wanted a wedding with cherry blossoms. However, in Panama, these flowers are not cultivated nor imported. So the team designed the wedding decor with fresh orchids.



Rui Mota Pinto: The concept of this wedding was called “Prohibition Swing”. It had a little bit of the elegance of the 1920s and the ideal of the Great Gatsby, mixed with the intense rhythm that the 1920s brought and the seduction with the liberation of the woman of this era.


Destination Weddings

Explores beautiful destinations and places all over the world.


Valentina Lombardi: The couple has been together since teenagers and they have been guest to a wedding we planned for bride’s cousin on another Lake in Italy. This is how they decided to have a big destination wedding on Lake Maggiore.

Italy Wedding

Italy Wedding

Francesca Casamento: Lipari, the largest of the Aeolian Islands, has stolen the heart of Nealle and Lucia with the sea, the beautiful landscapes and sunsets that the island offers.



Guadalupe Alvarez: Adrienne’s father is from Guadalajara. It meant a lot to have their wedding in Mexico and have her family there. Adrienne fell in love with San Miguel the first time she visited with her family years ago. After a lot of searching in the US, once the couple landed in Mexico it was quickly decided.

Wedding in Guadalupe

Mexico Wedding


Presents elements of a wedding ceremony or reception from their cultural backgrounds.


Guadalupe Alvarez: This was a Persian wedding in Mexico, and their traditions were very important. The ceremony had a Persian Sofregh Aghd with very romantic colors and lots of flowers. For the rehearsal dinner, there was a Palestinian tradition of the Dabka group that played during the wedding parade and dinner.



United Kingdom

Karishma Manwani: This was a traditional Gujarati wedding, with a lot of rituals like the 7 vows, the Baraat  (a grand entrance with family and friends) and Koda Kodi (a game the couple plays once they are married).




Sandra Santoro: The wedding included the tea ceremony the day before the wedding (Chinese origins of the bride) followed by a red rehearsal dinner with a view over Florence monuments. 

Sandra Santoro - Italian Wedding Planner

Sandra Santoro - Italian Wedding Planner

Special Photo

Created by a unique and impactful moment, detail or design.


Ruby Rodríguez: The awarded photo shows their “First Touch” before a beach wedding ceremony in Playa Paraíso.

Destination Wedding



Donna Palimeri: Melissani cave is a beautiful underground lake the couple had visited on their first trip to the island of Kefalonia together and they were keen to capture the romantic atmosphere of the lake. The boat rower sang opera as the sun came out and lit the water surrounding the boat.

Donna Palimeri Wedding Planner

Black + White

Special moment using light and contrast.


Rui Mota Pinto: This photo was taken after the session alone with the bride and groom. The bride’s grandmother was sitting with some relatives. The wheelchair was next to her and a light was coming from the window in contrast to the dark scenery. The photographer caught a tender moment of affection between the bride and her grandmother.



Kirti Samant: The awarded photo shows the Mangal Snanam, a ritual of a holy bath conducted as part of the pre-wedding ceremony in India.

Indian Wedding


Anna Laudanska: One of the most known traditions of the Greek Orthodox ceremony is tossing rice at the end of the ceremony, as a wish for fertility and stability in the newly wedded couple. Anthony, the groom, was obviously prepared for that tradition. So, he stood up to protect his wife from the rice throwing! Such a fun moment as Anthony was introduced to the Greek customs.  



Brigitte Kater: This winning picture was taken during the wedding reception. The bride, Virginie, was so happy that both of her disabled grandmothers came to her wedding. It certainly shows Virginie’s tenderness.