Bernardaud and Sheikha Hind Launch Ramadan Collection Through Tanagra

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Bernardaud and Sheikha Hind Launch Ramadan Collection Through Tanagra
Sat 13-05-2017

Tanagra, the region’s go-to destination for luxury home accessories and gifts, will soon be bringing to life DesignedbyHind’s ‘Al Nad’ tableware collection for Ramadan 2017.

Sand assumes different shades of colour when it is dry or wet, or when it is touched by the soft rays of the rising sun and the amber sunset. Designed by Sheikha Hind Al Qasimi, her “Al Nad” collection showcases delicate tableware, whose carvings bear a striking resemblance with the golden dunes of Arabia, which have been accented with master strokes in rose gold manufactured by the French leaders in porcelain, Bernardaud.

In 2011 Sheikha Hind Al Qasimi, a leading Emirati businesswomen and Acting Chairperson for Sharjah Business Women’s Council, launched DesignedbyHind, a Sharjah-based design company for home accessories and tableware inspired by UAE’s rich heritage and modern sensibilities. 

Since 35 years, Tanagra is the destination store for the most prestigious European manufactures such as Christofle, Baccarat, Bernardaud and also for home accessories by western fashion brands such as Versace, Roberto Cavalli and Ralph Lauren, to name a few. From early on, Sheikha Hind was fond of the craftsmanship, curation and the know-how of Tanagra’s luxury brands. So, both agreed to give birth to a collection built on the pillars of the western and Middle Eastern lifestyle traditions: Al Nad was born!

Al Nad is the inspiration: Medium dune of the Empty Quarter, and the sand colour when the sun rises.

Al Nad is the innovation: the rose gold colour of Al Nad is a Premiere on porcelain.

Al Nad is a collection: hollowware shapes designed especially for sharing the best of family life.

Plates and bowls in the finest Bernardaud porcelain for Iftar and Suhour, Halwa bowls and spoons, Dalah and an Oud burner.

Al Nad Collection for Ramadan 2017

An engraved silver-plated tray made by Christofle, French silver makers, for sharing a dear message with sweets or chocolates; crystal drinkware and Arabic tea cup and saucer made by Mario Cionni, Italian crystal manufacturers, for enjoying the traditional juices and tea.

“It is a privilege to have collaborated with Tanagra to bring the Al Nad collection to life. Both names represent a lot to me, and I could not have found more suitable collaborators in this creative endeavour so close to my heart," remarked Sheikha Hind pointing out that her first contact with Bernardaud porcelain was made when she was 13-years-old and bought a piece as a Mother’s Day gift.

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