Biographer: Princess Diana Would Approve of Meghan Markle

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Biographer: Princess Diana Would Approve of Meghan Markle
Sun 22-04-2018

 Princess Diana would approve of her son Prince Harry’s marriage to U.S. actress Meghan Markle, according to author Andrew Morton whose famous biography of the late royal caused uproar in Britain some 25 years ago.

Like Diana’s union to heir-to the-throne Prince Charles in 1981, Markle and Harry’s wedding next month has captivated the world’s media and drawn inevitable comparisons between the two. And there are indeed many similarities, said Andrew Morton whose explosive book about Diana in 1992 first blew apart the myth of a fairytale marriage and who has now penned “Meghan: A Hollywood Princess”, a biography of the new royal-to-be.

“Diana died at 36, Meghan comes into the scene at 36. In a way she’s picked up Diana’s baton - she’s both elegant, she’s glamorous and also she’s a humanitarian,” he told Reuters. “So Diana would have very much have approved of Meghan and seen that kind of working of fate almost.”