Bourjois Creates The New Volume Routine

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Bourjois Creates The New Volume Routine
Tue 20-09-2016

Bourjois creates its first mascara that reveals women's lash potential volume.

The small, thin and transparent lashes at the inner corner of the eye, invisible to the naked eye, every single lash volumised without exception!

Clever and convenient, it allows you to coat all lashes and will become women’s new weapon of seduction.

Place it just below the eye when applying the mascara, and discover with incredible sharpness and precision all the lashes you have, including those usually "left behind" and not coated!

86% of women who have used Volume Reveal found the magnifying mirror helped reveal all eyelashes, even the smallest. (Test conducted on 103 women)

Ingenious and easy to use, Volume Reveal lash catching brush draws a thick and velvety fringe of lashes from the very first stroke.