Bourjois: Not Only Beauty, Care for your Eyes

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Bourjois: Not Only Beauty, Care for your Eyes
Wed 11-01-2017

Women want to beautify their look but it’s a hard to understand the tricks to take good care of them at the same time.

Bourjois shares with you its expert eye and shows you the right way of doing it through the lashes, the line and the eyebrows.


Bourjois picks for you …

The New Mascara Twist Up The Volume Black Balm – The intensity with the caress of a balm for enhanced volume and fanned-out lashes.

The ultra-smart Twist 2-in-1 brush lengthens, separates and coats lashes for an ultra-complete result:

A simple twist of the brush will extend or retract the bristles to produce the desired effect.

Position 1, it lengthens and separates lashes one by one. Position 2, it boots the volume.

This one's black, really black, for heightened contrast with the "false" smoky eye blacks.

But careful, it makes no compromise:

Length, Definition, Volume, along with the suppleness of a Balm texture.



Slim and precise! How to define your line?

New Ultra Black Slim Felt-Tip eyelinerFor bold and dazzling eyes!

The Parisian woman loves a bold, deep-black look for her eyes and a strong line of eyeliner

to reflect her dual personality – daring and subtly elegant.

As make-up expert, Bourjois creates the Ultra Black Slim felt-tip eyeliner, to give intensity to creativity!

With its saturated black formula and fine, high-precision felt tip, the precise, graphic line becomes  ultra black and ultra professional  for up to 24 hour hold!

Draw a fine, delicate line close to the lashes to enhance the shape of your eyes, or a thick, bold line for a doe-eyed or rock chick look.

Embody the woman you want to be!

And it's so easy to use!


The keystone of the face, the eyebrows showcase the eyes.

The eyebrows are of paramount importance to the harmony of the features.

The eyebrows structure the face and naturally intensify the eyes.

For this, Bourjois has got you covered with…

The New Brow Duo Sculpt - Not just intense, but luminous too!

For a perfect brow line enhanced by luminous eyes.

It's the detail that makes all the difference and gives the Parisian woman her subtle elegance.

Brow Duo Sculpt is a 2-in-1 eyebrow pencil that shapes and highlights the eyes in a single step.

  • One end: an eyebrow pencil to give shape to the eyes.

Combining the finish of a powder with the precision of a wax, the flexible tip gives definition and shape to the eyebrows.

Available in 2 shades, to match the natural colour of your hair (Chestnut and Brown),

it sets and keeps brows beautifully defined for up to 10 hours.

  • The other end: a highlighter pencil, to give a touch of radiance, for younger-looking eyes.

The soft, creamy, non-oily formula is applied with the fingertip just below the eyebrow arch

or to the inner corner of the eye, to add a touch of light.

Quick and easy to blend in, its universal, slightly opalescent shade brightens areas of shadow and blurs imperfections.

Immediately, eyes look fresh and luminous.