Bride and Groom Have a Pajama Wedding

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Bride and Groom Have a Pajama Wedding
Thu 21-04-2016

Charlotte Gomez and her husband decided to have one very unique wedding!

The bride shared her wedding experience on BuzzFeed and the news is going viral over social media.

Here is what Charlotte had to say:

"You are formally invited to a formal pajama wedding. The groom will wear bedtime black tie: a tuxedo shirt and black satin bow tie under blue polka dot pajamas. The bride will wear a blush bedcoat and a simple birdcage veil."

"I hadn’t anticipated ever getting married, let alone in the white-paneled living room of my in-laws’ house in Maryland, surrounded by illustrations of submarines and a whale-like gray sectional from Bob’s Discount Furniture."

"We began planning a wedding that would take place in the distant future (next, next June). I put down a deposit at a landmark building on Chicago’s South Side, near where I grew up and where the Obamas had their reception (a factoid I’d share half-embarrassed, as if I shouldn’t expect anything so grand). We were overcome with the spirit of a thousand Bachelor contestants, ranking photographers and sifting through catering reviews and crafting a somehow small-seeming list of 150 guests, who would watch us wed in a soft-pink solarium facing Lake Michigan. I dragged photos of the architecturally significant ballroom and eucalyptus bouquets and Reem Acra dresses onto my desktop."

"Then in August, Liam’s mom, Michele, got sick. Or, as far as we could discern via imprecise text messages, sicker. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer when Liam was a baby. As he grew up, he was the classic youngest-kid sidekick, tagging along with his mom to the stands of his brothers’ baseball games and grocery runs and oncology appointments, reading to her from gossip mags during sessions of chemo. In return, when he came out as trans as a teenager, his mom was the first family member to support him."

"As her mobility decreased, the idea that she would jet to Chicago in June became less realistic. Liam and I started driving from New York to Maryland to visit almost every weekend. Liam never mentioned the inevitable, even after doctors said his mom couldn’t fly. “That could change, I guess,” he said, trailing off, the heir apparent to his parents’ stoic optimism."

"There had to be some dress code — Liam and I share a proclivity for exhausting opinions about clothing — but we didn’t want Michele to feel singled out, the only person dressed down (at this point, she was mostly wearing nightgowns, spending her days in bed). On the four-hour drive home after a weekend with Liam’s folks, it came to me. “Two words: pajama wedding." 

"Quickly, this started to feel like our wedding, rather than a bag of lemons we were hopelessly juicing."

"I had no trouble finding a veil I liked on Etsy, and even Liam’s outfit — a tuxedo shirt and bow tie under a blue polka-dot set — came together quickly. But you’ll never know how challenging it is to find an opaque white pajama set until you really need it."

"I ordered one with pearly pink piping from Brooks Brothers that, when worn, had the effect of dollar-store tissue paper. I ordered a white cotton set from Hanky Panky that was soft as silk but so thin you could see my birthmark through it. So I switched gears and picked up a tea-length La Perla “bed jacket” with a sweet collar and big satin buttons, its soft pink tones a dead ringer for those of the Chicago venue we passed up. Wearing it, I felt like Jackie Kennedy en fleece."

"On November 27, a few weeks before Michele died, we stood barefoot in front of a sectional sofa packed with our parents, siblings, and poorly behaved Boston terrier and exchanged vows."

Source: BuzzFeed