Bride and Groom Marry in 8 Different Countries

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Bride and Groom Marry in 8 Different Countries
Mon 21-03-2016

Amelia Irwin, 32, and husband Brett, 33, faced a dilemma after their wedding date clashed with Brett's wedding in South Africa.

But they didn't let this affect their plans to get married, so they decided to tie the knot in a registry office so they could save £10,000.

The couple has decided to use the money they were going to spend on their wedding ceremony to travel around the world.

Amelia who works as an event planner said "We could only get one month off work per year so we either had to miss their wedding and come to Africa for one month or cancel our wedding and attend theirs".

She also added "Our families were really supportive although my parents did think we were a bit mad especially as I lugged eight wedding dresses around the world".

They had 8 different wedding photo shoots and wore 8 different dresses and tuxedos in France, India, Russia, China, Mauritius, Nepal, England and South Africa.

Amelia and Brett's major problem was finding a photographer in each country, but as Amelia told Mirror Newspaper "The hotels were able to step in and assist".

She added finally that the only place she felt like a real bride in was the place where she was surrounded by her family and Brett's family.

Source: Mirror UK