Bride and Groom Surprise Groom's Grandmother at Hospital

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Bride and Groom Surprise Groom's Grandmother at Hospital
Mon 11-01-2016

An injured grandmother couldn't make it to her grandson's wedding in November so he decided to take the celebration to her just weeks before her passing.

Brian Kurtulik and his bride Lauren stopped to visit Peg McCormack, 91, while on the way to their reception and 'her mouth flew open' when she spotted the dapper pair.

Peg didn't know she would be granted the special visit but she wore a corsage along with the outfit she would have worn to the wedding while in her bed at a New Jersey rehabilitation center where she was recovering from a broken ankle.

Both Brian and Lauren Kurtulik honored Peg in another way by being married in the Madison, New Jersey church where she was also wed.

Footage of the heartwarming meeting taken by Charles Anthony Studio is something the Kurtuliks will cherish forever. Sadly, Peg died just weeks after she was able to give her blessings to her beloved grandson and his new wife.


"She was all dressed up and just hanging out, like she was there in spirit" Lauren Kutalick, told ABC News.

Lauren told ABC that she will never forget the look on Peg's face when they walked into the room after they were married.

"She was just staring at me and then Brian walked in.''She kept saying, "I have a granddaughter. I finally have a granddaughter,"' said Lauren.

Source: Daily Mail