Bride and Groom Take Wedding Pictures Outside KFC

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Bride and Groom Take Wedding Pictures Outside KFC
Tue 09-02-2016

A groom who eats KFC 3 times a week, wanted to do something fun and unique for his wedding.

Louis Davis married his high school sweetheart Ashleigh, and managed to convince his bride to pose for a picture outside one of the chain's restaurants on their wedding day .

The 21-year-old said Ashleigh had got everything she wanted with a big, traditional wedding, but he wanted something that reflected his personality too.

He told the New Zealand Herald : "I've always had a special relationship with KFC so it made sense."

"I knew we were going to take the classic, cheesy photos."

"But I knew the photos that are crack up and the ones you look back on are where you're doing something different."

Between the ceremony and the reception in Whangarei on Saturday, Mr Davis, from Wellington, New Zealand, took the entire wedding party went to KFC.

They pulled up in wedding cars and stood in front of the big sign showing Colonel Sanders face in the car park dressed in their suits and gowns.

The picture was posted on Facebook on the day and has since gone viral after it was liked more than 10,000 times and shared by over 1,600 people.