Bride Asks Bridesmaid to Dye Her Hair For The Wedding

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Bride Asks Bridesmaid to Dye Her Hair For The Wedding
Sun 12-06-2016

A bridesmaid has been asked to dye her hair because it clashes with the color scheme of the wedding! The bridesmaid shared her problem on the internet and her story has gone viral.

One bride-to-be has given a whole new meaning to the term bridezilla by insisting her bridesmaid actually dyes her hair for the big day. The reason? Her naturally ginger hair would clash with the color scheme she picked for the wedding!

The email request read, “you’ll need to dye your hair for the day, I’ll take you to my hairdresser and cover the cost,” before signing off with a happy face emoji.

Taking to Reddit to ask for advice about her dilemma the bridesmaid who goes by the user name bridehairthrowaway wrote “I’m a natural ginger, so it’s not like I have an outrageous hair colour.”

“She told me my hair would clash with the wedding colors and that brides get a veto over pretty much every aspect of her bridesmaids’ appearances.”

The anonymous bridesmaid went on to say she’d been told her hair is quite “attention-grabbing” and that the bride felt it would “take away from the cohesiveness of the group.”

“This is some serious bridezilla nonsense,” wrote one woman. “Tell her that you’d have to live with this change for long after her wedding day is over and you are not willing to do it. She’ll stand out anyway. She’ll be wearing a wedding dress.”

“You are not being unreasonable at all! I’m planning my wedding now, and I’d NEVER ask bridesmaids to dye their hair! This is bridezilla-level, like she’s scared of being upstaged by her "maids, so she’s making crazy demands,” added another bride-to-be.

“I guess OP can count herself lucky the bride isn’t asking the whole bridal party to get the same nose job.” Another commenter quipped: “That’s in the next email.”