Bride Discovers Her Mother and Fiance Appear in Same Picture 15 Years Ago

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Bride Discovers Her Mother and Fiance Appear in Same Picture 15 Years Ago
Sat 11-06-2016

A couple from China were amazed to discover their paths had crossed without them knowing 15 years before they met and fell in love.  

Lu Yiqin, 25, realized her mother had appeared in one of her husband's holiday pictures taken 16 years ago as the couple organized their childhood photos for their wedding in the city of Jiaxing, reported People's Daily Online.

Lu and her husband, Zhang Hedong, 30, were introduced to each other by friends in 2015 and got married on May 29.

According to the report, the couple were organizing their family photo albums when they made the romantic discovery a week before their nuptials. 

When broom Zhang Hedong found the picture, the couple didn't notice anything special at the beginning.

They had it scanned into the computer as a part of their digital presentation. 

Zhang told a reporter from that he was boasting to his bride-to-be how handsome he was as a teenager in the picture.

He said he told Lu: 'I was 14 years old at the time and it was the year 2000. 

'My family followed the trend to pray to the Giant Buddha on Ling Mountain in Wuxi to celebrate the millennium. 

'Look how handsome I was.'

However, a stunned Lu suddenly screamed at the picture. 

She told the same reporter: 'I shouted once I zoomed in. I said: "That's my mum!"

'My husband thought I was over-reacting. Then I said again, this is really my mum.'

Lu's mother quickly confirmed it was really her in the picture as her family had been to the same tourist spot on the same year and she had the same picture too.